Loper Poland is a valued supplier in the B2B segment, which follows the demands of the growing market and customers’ requirements. A very important element is constant development based on the implementation of modern technologies. Very high quality of the products is our hallmark. We produce and use the most fresh raw products imported from trusted suppliers in South America. We provide nuts, sesame seeds and other seeds processed according to the needs and specifications of our customers and always try to approach each of them individually.

We deliver them to You for further creative use in making products which will satisfy Your clients. Raw assortment and products are subject to strict selection and processing. We offer nuts: cut, ground into flour, processed into pastes.

The goal of our Company is to provide customers with products with the highest taste qualities. Thanks to our ingredients, Your products will be fresh, attractive and natural in taste. Our goal is to become Your business partner for many years to come.

If You are interested in cooperation, please contact our sales department.

The advantages of our raw assortment 

Nuts and seeds are characterized by high saturated fats content  which has a positive effect on our body and processes occurring in it. They can be eaten while on  gluten-free or vegan diets. They are also a treasury of vegetable protein.

They also provide many vitamins to our body. Those from group B, vitamin E- called vitamin of youth and also vitamin C. In addition, phytosterols responsible for reducing the level of bad cholesterol (sesame paste), calcium, magnesium and potassium. All these components support the work of our body: nervous system, memory and concentration, circulatory system and digestive system.